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Be my hero
von Roos de Veth

Time: 16-01-06 till 23-02-06
Little explainos: Well you see and feel everything through Enrique. The story is a little based on the serie: Buffy the vampire slayer from Joss Whedon. That’s because I just love the show and I found out to put a guy like Enrique to fit in. If you don’t watch the show, don’t worry. Your new with the cast but so is Enrique. You get guide through the story, if you do know the show. You can link the characters back to the serie from Joss Whendon. Not much has changed. So this is a story not bassed on true facts, it all get out of my little brain.

Enrique walks past the gy, sees the dark scary stones. He knows that afther ever dark shadow a monster hides, waitingm testing its area. Enrique stands still, he is infront off the entrance of the gy. He sighs, thinking why hes doing this. Theres also a slayer around and he knows there other things he could do. Like working on some new songs. ‘’Hey you, why are you dreaming? Got a good fantasie on ur mind?’’ Enrique turn his head looks at this guy. He laughs. ‘’Now ur asking, ive got some good ideas for a video clip’’ enrique walks to him. Grabs his stake and kills the vampire.
Enrique looks around, walks in to the gy. He doesn’t like the silence. ‘’Its all most 3 am.’’’he looks on his watch. ‘’Almost 12 o’clock’’ he smiles and starts to sing a song: ,,I can tell by your face. I love the way it turns me on…’’A girl jumps from the ts. ,,New song?’’ she ask him. Enrique turns to her. ,,You scared me’’ smiles a but. ,,Yea get that a lot from guys always scare then away’’ she said. Enrique looks at her. ,,So you know me?’’ he wonders. ,,Who doesn’t? some people like your music and some don’t’’ ,,And you?’’ ,,I don’t hate your music. I love ur kinda style in music and lyrics,” She looks at him, ,,and you’ve stayed yourself.’’ ,,Yea, I think if I acted a other person then myself, I wouldn’t have so much fans around the world and then again there no1 nicer, gooffier and prettier then me’’ he said with a smile. ,,Hé, same story here. Im Buffy btw’’ she shakes his hand. ,,So Enrique why are you here? Its not very save for a star like urself to be around in these kinda places’’ Buffy ask him. ,,Im here to help you’’ he said, sees Buffy amazement face wenn he ended his line. ,,What?’’ Buffy saids. ,,I know that ur a slayer, if been looking all around the world to meet the most nighttmare of all evil’’ ,,But how do u know?”’ She looks at him. ,,Afther a fan got killed, by some weird cuts in her neck. Ive read some books over demons, then ive hit the streets to track you down. Beat up some vampires around and some told me about this slayer in Sd. So afther some reseach ive finally found you’’ he tells Buffy.
,,But why should I need some extra help from a popstar?”’ She ask him. ,,You always gonna need some extra strenght you can get, and then I needed to give you this’’ enrique goes with his hand in his shirt and pulls out a old neckless with a rock on it. Buffy looks at it. ,,what does it do?’’ Enrique lift up his shoulders. ,,ive got this one from Elvira, it meand: sacrificar’’ ,,Meaning?’’ ,,That you give everything up, to do whats right in your heart’’ enrique explans to her. ,,And why do you need to show me this?’’ Buffy ask. ,,It got great power when the right person puts it on. I thought ur a slayer, you need to have it’’ Enrique gives buffy the neckless. ,,I cant accept this’’ she smiles when enrique puts it on. ,,What you do for the world is much bigger then this gift’’ enrique said. It turns a little bit quiet around Buffy and Enrique, suddenly the silence turns away into a girls scream. They both look up.

Buffy runs to the noise and jumps over a ts. ,,You better can stay over there.’’ Enrique runs afther her, graps a stake from his jacked. ,,You can need my help’’ he said and sees Buffy kicking that vampire away from the girl. Enrique puts the girl away from the battle field. The girl passed out, enrique look up to Buffys fight. The vampire hits buffy hard in her face, Enrique kills the vampire. Looks at buffy. ,,Use ur stake, it can help’’ he said and opens his hand. Buffy reach for his hand, and stand up. ,,Easy mister know it all!’’ Buffy wisper ,,Who are u? Are u good?” the girl said. Buffy gonna knee with her. ,,hey ur save now, we’ve saved you. Are u ok? Buffy ask her. The girl nodds. ,,Maybe she got cut’’ Enrique said, and stap into the moonlight. The girl looks up and pass out again. Buffy glares at Enrique. ,,You’ve killed her!’’ she said. The girl wakes up, looks at Buffy. ,,ur oka? Do u want us to take u home…euh’’ Buffy said. ,,Im Nathalie, sure’’ she stands up. Graps enrique arm, ,,but I think Enrique is old enough to take me by himself home, right?’’ Enrique smiles. ,,sure, I see u in a min’’ Enrique said and walks with nathalie to her house. ,,Buffy!’’ a guy yells and walks to her. ,,great a other mister know it all’’ Buffy sighs and turns to the guy.
,,So Nathalie where do u live?’’ Enrique ask her. ,,Over there in that student house, ive just moved out from my home back in Europe’’ ,,Europe, which country?’’ ,,The Netherlands’’ She looks up at him. She knows that he only visited it once on his One night stand tour. ,,Ive been in Holland before, gived there a concert, did you there?’’ Nathalie nodds. ,,NO but then again the last time you were there it was in 2002 and now its 2005.’’ Enrique smiles. ,,So why did you came to sd?’’ ,,I dunno, want to feel some news experience.’’ Nathalie opens her front door turns to Enrique.
The guy runs up to Buffy. ,,What do u want Spike?’’ Spike looks at her. ,,Easy, got some information about this new…” Spike looks at her neck. Buffy sees it. ,,Stop staring at my neck!’’ ,,IM not looking at ur neck, but whats that thing around ur neck?’’ Buffy shows it. ,,this? I just got it…found it. I thought it was a pretty thing. Why ur asking?” ,,I just saw something new around ur neck’’ ,,SO you where looking at my neck’’ Buffy glares at him. Spike sighs. ,,Think what you want, I will go do some research and give the information back to you, ok?’’ ,,Ok’’ Buffy looks at him as he walks away.

Enrique smiles at Nathalie. ,,You should go inside and dont leave your home if youre alone on the road. you will be safer this way.'' He looks at her nodding. ,,Thanks for dropping me home'' She saids and kisses Enriques cheek. ,,Anytime." He walks away. Over the street, looking for a way back the the slayer. He hears something, and start walking to the noise. He sees a guy (Spike) walking to some demons and talk. Enrique fronts, hears a noise behind him. Enrique turns and staps slowly closer. He graps his stake and jumps to the noise. He lift his stake up while he was in his jumping move.

Buffy hits something to the ground. ,,You cant hide from me" She said while shes looking at the guy she just hit. ,,So for you its just, you can run you cant hide but you can feel my love?'' Enrique ask her, and whipe of his lip. He stand up and looks at Buffy. ,,Enrique, Im sorry. I didnt know'' Buffy saids ,,Its ok, now I know how to find you on the fast way but not the safest.'' ,,So that girl is she safe home? ,,Oh Nathalie? Yea she is. I see you still wearing that neckless, does that mean you believe me?''
,,Yea, no, almost. Some of mine scoobies, also you cant call him that, is looking for some more information.’’ Enrique looks on his watch. ,,Do you need some place to be?’’ ,,No, I just wanted to see how much time I have for bedtime.’’ ,,You have a stricked bedtime hour? How lame is that!’’ ,,What I mean is that I still need to look for a place to sleep’’ ,,Oh I see, if you want you can stay over at mines. Ive got some rooms free’’ ,,Buffy I cant stay over. Im a stranger for you.’’ ,,And that’s why nobody will let you in their houses.’’ Buffy turns to Enrique and walks home. Enrique fallows her. Buffy opens the door, and Enrique walks in. ,,Wow you live nice, lots of space’’ ,,I guess your garage is smaller then this’’ Buffy saids and drops her jacked. Enrique graps her arm. ,,Look I don’t know what kinda view you have from celeberties.’’ ,,Arrogant, money and they think they are the centre of this world.’’ ,,Im not like that, if you knew me you could see that’’ Enrique saids. ,,Hey let her go!’’ ,,Tizo its ok’’ Buffy said. Enrique let go from Buffy arm, Tizo walks downstairs. ,,Buffy, I know what your saying. If you see celeberaties suck all the fame, you feel small because you are more important to the world then them. But do you think Ive choose for that?’’ Enrique saids. Tizo walks to the living room. Buffy turns to Enrique. ,,So you didn’t knew that writing and preform songs could make you famous?’’ ,,Sure I knew that but I didn’t make music for the money or fame not even for the girls. Im doing this because its fits me. I liking making music and maybe it was ment to be. So don’t judge a person on his high of state unless you know how Ive fought, sufferd for my first album and me and my father…’’ Enrique stops. ,,I understand, Enrique Im sorry. It would be the same if you told me that Im a psyco killer because Im a slayer.’’ Buffy saids. ,,If you had waited one more minute, you would have heard that from my mouth.’’ Buffy smiles and looks into his eyes. ,,So don’t you introduce me to Tizo?’’ Enrique ask her. ,,Tizo this is Enrique, Enrique this it Tizo.” Enrique shakes his hand. ,,Mine son..” Buffy saids. ,,Son? Arent you to young for a son this age, he is I guess 17 and you are sure under 30’’ Enrique saids confused. ,,Yea I know, it’s a long story.’’ ,,Well I got all time, so fill me in.’’ Buffy turns her back. ,,You don’t understand’’ ,,Try me’’ ,,I just…’’ Buffy walks away. ,,Look buddy, now your staying here you better back off. You don’t know what happened’’ Tizo saids and looks at him while Enrique is looking back.

,,Buffy, Im sorry. I just want to know or everything is okay. I don’t want to be stuck in the middle, there is still a reason why I am here, So don’t..’’ Buffy turns to him. ,,Its ok Enrique’’ Buffy saids and walks upstairs. ,,Tizo, make sure Enrique feels just like home.’’ Tizo walks to the wardrobe and graps a pillow and a blanket. ,,You can stay on the couch’’ he saids and gives Enrique the pillo and blanket. ,,I thought, you got some rooms free?’’ ,,They only room that is free is the basement, so you can choose sleeping in the cold or here nice and warm’’ Tizo saids it like a quizmaster. Enrique smiles. ,,I get your point’’ he saids. Tizo shakes his head and walkes upstairs to his own room. Enrique signs, ly down on the couch and falls in sleep.

In the deep of the night. The door falls open, some shadow walks inside. You hear the rain fall on the floor. It stops when the door gets closed. ,,Look all drowned like a cat’’ some voice saids. Enrique stands with his back to the wall. Waiting for the right moment, suddenly he jumps on the indruder. Graps him with his jacked. ,,What ur doing here?’’ Enrique saids and holds him to the wall. ,,Is this the wrong house or something. I see its not my best night’’ Spike saids and looks at Enrique. ,,Back off boy, don’t want to hurt you’’ Spike saids and push him away. Enrique hits him in the face. ,,Wont mean I wouldn’t’’ Spike saids and hits Enrique. Spike yells from pain when he hits Enrique on his face. Enrique stands up, and kicks Spike in his belly, graps a stake from his pants. ,,See you later vamp’’ Enrique saids and lift up his staks and strikes it to Spikes body. As quick the moving is from Enrique his hand got blocked by Tizos hand. ,,Let the stake go’’ he saids and looks at Enrique. Enrique drops the stake on the floor. ,,Thanks’’ Spike smiles to Tizo. ,,Don’t get all excited Spike, what do u want?’’ Tizo ask him and let Enrique arm go. Spike walks to the fridge graps some blood and warm it up in the microwave. He waits on the kitchen table. ,,Im here for Buffy’’ Spike saids. Enrique looks at them. ,,Why are you helping him? He is a…’’ Buffy interups. ,,What the hell are you doing here?’’ Buffy raises an eyebrown. Spike puts his blood in a cup. ,,Ive got the info you needed’’ Spike saids and puts his lips on the cup and nippels. Buffy walks towards to him and puts the cup on the kitchen table. ,,Talk, then you can still your hunger’’ Buffy saids directly. ,,Fine’’ Spike saids, licks the little blood from his lip. Buffy turns and looks at Enrique. ,,Can someone fill me in here? Cause I saw this guy talking with other demons and hes a vampire from his own. And as a slayer you shoul be against him’’ Enrique saids. ,,Enrique, that is the long story’’ Buffy turns her head to Spike. ,,Speak’’ She put the cup on the table. Spike slip of the kitchen table. ,,Theres been wispers, something new is coming but stands close to the slayer. The strenght come from something we didnt face before’’ Spike tells them. ,,That’s all? I think you’ve been to the bronze and waisting our time’’ Tizo saids. ,,Look, I cant blame the dark night creatures for being not so open’’ ,,Whys that then?’’ Buffy saids. ,,There is a rumor that the four parts from the stone of Coras are split and someone has seen they are back, together as one, on the earth afther a long time of disappearing or it was just all a mythe’’ Spike explains. ,,Stone of Coras? What does that do?’’ Buffy asked. ,,Well its like the holy grail for vampires, with that stone they can control a powerfull weapon. That makes you almost immortal but theres also a bad side on it’’ Spike saids. ,,But its good new for you’’ Enrique saids. ,,Uh, look your new in town maybe your that guy that brings up the stone fo Coras. They trust me but do they trust you?’’ Spike saids. Enrique smiles. ,,Okay, guys stop!’’ Buffy saids. ,,Where did you pick him up? He not a mistery hes just a normal guy’’ Spike saids. Enrique sighs and keeping down his anger. ,,Spike shut up. That’s Enrique Iglesias, maybe one of the famous singers around the world’’ Tizo saids brutal to him. ,,I didn’t know, Enrique and you boy don’t ever speak to me like that again’’ Spike saids. ,,Yea and that’s you decision?’’ ,,Tizo!’’ Buffy saids. ,,But…’’ ,,No, go upstairs and never talk to him like that again. He may not diserve your rescpect but don’t forget who raised you right.’’ Tizo walks upstairs. ,,Hes turning into a real Summer’’ Spike smiles to Buffy. ,,Spike, please. Don’t make it harder’’ Buffy saids. ,,Im going back to bed’’ And she walks also upstairs. ,,Night’’ Enrique saids. Spike graps his cup and looks at Enrique. ,,Blood from a cup? Were is the tradition of sucking it from the neck?’’ Enrique ask him. ,,Look, why are you curious? I got this nice gourvement chip in my head so I cant hurt humans anymore. And beside, Buffy and I got a history back so’’ He tells him. ,,What kinda history?’’ ,,Well first hating eachother, then want to kill eachother, then cames the spark along, weve dated for a while. I maded one mistake and here I am’’ Spike tells. ,,What, you and Buffy? Hading an affair? No, I don’t believe it’’ Enrique saids. ,,You don’t believe it. Tizo is the living prove, mate’’ Spike saids. ,,Is tizo your son too?’’ Enrique wonders and tries to get everything into place. ,,He is but, like I said: Ive made a mistake and lost them both’’ ,,What kinda mistake?’’ Enrique wants to know. ,,Look stick your nose in other one affairs. I don’t want to talk about it’’ Spike saids and walks away. Enrique raised an eyebrown and lies down on the couch again. Spike walks upstairs, walks into Buffys room. Buffy wakes up. ,,Spike, what are you doing here?’’ ..Buffy, I will make it up to you.’’ ,,Spike, what do you mean?’’ ,,Im sorry, for what I did’’ Spike saids almost with tears in his eye. Buffy sighs. ,,Your sorry? Well thanks, that’s will take away all you did’’ Buffy saids and stand up from her bed. ,,Look, Buffy’’ Spike saids and looks on the floor. ,,No, Spike’’ Buffy walks passed him. Spike holds her by her arm. ,,You don’t…’’ ,,Spike let me go!’’ Buffy yells. ,,Not before you understand’’ ,,Spike no…let me go!’’ The two were fighting a little. Tizo hits Spike on his face and stands before Buffy. Spike falls on the bed. ,,Once, spike not again. Leave!’’ Tizo saids. Spike looks at Buffy, who looks away from him. ,,I didn’t want to..’’ ,,Spike just go, you just make it only harder’’ Tizo saids. Spike runs downstairs and shut the door hard. Enrique wakes up and walks upstairs. Tizo takes Buffy in his arms. ,,Its okay. I wont let anyone to hurt you. You know that right?’’ Tizo kisses her cheek. Buffy starts to cry in his arms. ,,Is Everything okay?’’ Enrique ask them. Tizo nodds to him. ,,You should go back to sleep, the sun will come up in a few hours’’ Tizo saids and takes Buffy back to bed. Buffy smiles to Tizo. ,,Thanks.’’ Tizo closes her door and looks at Enrique. ,,Enrique don’t get this the wrong way but we got some family problem, I don’t think Buffy want to share’’ Tizo saids. ,,Ive you need help, you can ask me anything’’ Enrique saids.

Tizo walks back into his room. Enrique looks at the two close doors, he knocks on Buffys door. ,,Yea’’ She saids. Enrique opens the door and smiles a bit to her. ,,Hey, are you oka?’’ ,,I wish everyone will stop asking me that’’ Buffy saids. ,,But thanks for asking’’ Enrique smiles and gonna sith down on a chair, looks at Buffy. ,,I know, its not fair for you. To not know what really going on here’’ Buffy saids and looks a little up to him. ,,Well, if you not feel up to, to tell be everything. I understand that, Buffy’’ Enrique saids. ,, Its really difficult you know, what me and Spike have been trough. We sorta dated for a while, but Ive realised I was only using him for my own good. So Ive broke it up with him, but he just lose his mind one day on a bad time. Then he…tried to rape me,’’ Buffy looks on the floor, ,,But he failt and still I don’t know how to act with him around me and I think Tizo was more involved then he tells me. That’s why he reacted like that’’ Buffy tells him. Enrique looks at her. ,,He did what!’’ ,,Enrique, easy. Its been almost a year now and then again. He has paid for it, on his own way.’’ Buffy saids. ,,How can he paid for it? Hes a vampire!’’ Enrique saids. ,,Well, He did leave town for six months. Don’t know what he has been upto, but I can see now that he is willing to chance. For me’’ Buffy saids. Enrique looks at her. ,,I see, well I will let you now in peace then so you can get a little sleep afther all these guys running around your room’’ Enrique smiles and walks to the door and closes it behind him. Buffy walks to the radio, graps a cd and turns it to the 11 song. The radio sings: Hello, im coming into town again, hows about a night, hows about a flight, Supernova…. Enrique hears this song trough the door, smiles and sings along while he walks downstairs. ,,My meter running lown, ive been moving everywhere’’ Enrique siths down on the chouch and things about the things back home. ,,Im gonna come for you, Im gonna come for you, Im gonna come for you. Like a roamer!’’ Enrique sings and sighs. Turns again on his back and falls asleep. He dreams about a concert in Madrid.
Next morning Tizo walks passed Enrique and watch him sleeping. ,,Wow he dreams about something really nice I gues’’ he said, Buffy heard him and walks to him and stands next to him. ,,Your right he is dreaming about something…’’ Buffy let her brain working. ,,I really don’t want to know’’ ,,Hey!’’ Tizo saids. Enrique wakes up. ,,Breakfast time’’ he smiles and walks to the kitchen. Enrique looks at Buffy. ,,Why is he so cheerful in the morning?’’ Enrique ask. ,,I guess you are the reason for that, you where smilling deeply in your dream. Where did you dream about?’’ Buffy ask him. Enrique smiles and looks down. ,,Over a concert in Madrid and that my whole family was there too. And all my fans from around the world. That is really a wish for me’’ Enrique saids. ,,But Tizo saids something about a breakfast time, sounds good’’ Enrique stands up, only with his pants on. Buffy looks at his both and gets a little colour, but Enrique walks past her and graps his shirt and puts in on. ,,So whats on the meal?’’ Enrique asks Tizo. Tizo pass him the cornflakes and some bread. Enrique graps some bread and starts to eat, watch at Buffy when she walks in. Tizo looks at his mother. ,,Whats wrong with you?’’ Buffy looks at him and smiles shy. ,,Nothing, I just…’’ and she smiles again. Tizo looks at Enrique and lift up his shoulders. ,,So where are we gonna find information about the four part of Coras?’’ Enrique ask and looks at Buffy. ,,Maybe there is some information about them in books or on the internet’’ Buffy saids and looks at him. Enrique puts his plate away and walks to the books. Graps one, and looks. Tizo and Buffy reacted really surprised when they heard Enrique has found something. ,,Ahh, right here it is. The four parts of the stond of Coras. When a vampire got all these part in his possession then he can open 4 gats, behind them there are 3 test he need to complete before he can use and posses the ultimate weapon for vampires, calls: The double-tai sword’’ Enrique reads out loud. Tizo looks at him. ,,That’s a really cool name’’ he smiles. Buffy looks at him. ,,So all we need to do is find out were these 4 parts are and then maybe we can distroy this kinda weapon’’ Buffy saids. ,,Mom, why cant I have it?’’ Tizo ask. Enrique and Buffy looks at Tizo. ,,NO!’’ she saids. ,,Why not? If this is the ultimade weapon for vampires, we can use it against them for good’’ Tizo said. ,,Tizo, you hear what I say, Ive we find the weapon, were gonna distroy it. Clear?’’ Buffy said at him, and walks passt him. ,,Get yourself ready, when the sun goes down were gonna go on the road’’ She saids and walks upstairs. Tizo looks at Enrique. ,,Doenst we need some more people then, you, me and your mother?’’ Enrique ask him. ,,Well, good your say it. Im gonna make a phonecall’’ Tizo graps his cellphone. Enrique wonders why Buffy doesn’t want let Tizo to have this weapon to fight against evil. We walks also upstairs and knocks on her door. ,,Hey..’’ Enrique said when he sees Buffy. Buffy smiles a bit. ,,I got a question, why don’t you want Tizo to have that weapon?’’ Enrique ask. Buffy looks on the floor. ,,Its because, nothing keeps Tizo away to turn evil one day. He doesn’t really have a soul, but only got slayer power and vampire power. But when something sets him of…..I don’t want to lose him’’ Buffy looks away. Enrique sees that it’s a difficult subject to talk about. ,,I understand, but Tizo loves you to much. So he would hurt, hate or kill you. Is there anything I can do?’’ Enrique ask. Buffy smiles. ,,Maybe sing for me?’’ Buffy ask. Enrique looks a little weird to Buffy. ,,Allright, just a little piece then,’’ Enrique sighs and starts to sing: ,,I wont give up, don’t let you down. Promise stood always by yourside, I pray faith, I pray for you. Time is forever ours.’’ Buffy smiles and clap in her hand, that’s makes Enrique a little shy. ,,When is your new album gonna be released?’’ Buffy ask him. Enrique graps on his back. ,,Well I got the album almost done, I feel this is gonna be one of the best album ive ever made. And it need to be perfect, also for the fans that have been waited for years. I cant been away from the spotlights for 2 years and then release a bad album. That itsnt not good for me, and especially not for the fans, cause they are really the drive that’s keeps me going. I want to surprise and dare them, every time again’’ Enrique tells to Buffy. Buffy stands up and walks to the window. ,,Its getting dark, we should get downstairs and go’’ She saids. Enrique looks out of the window and sees the beautifull sunset. Thinks about home and Anna, he graps his purse take her picture out and looks at her photo. Buffy turns around. ,,What is that for photo?’’ She wonders. Enrique puts the photo in his back and looks at Buffy. ,,Its nothing’’ he saids. ,,Are you missing someone?’’ ,,Yea…’’ Enrique wispers. ,,Are you homesick?’’ ,,What? No, how old do u think I am? I just miss the people around me’’ Enrique saids and walks out of the room. ,,And we don’t have time to talk.’’ Walks downstairs.

,,Tizo!’’ Buffy screams trough the house. ,,Where the hell is he?’’ Enrique looks around. ,,I think hes not here, Buffy look, I think he left a note or something’’ Enrique points towars a piece of paper. Buffy walks to it, holds it up and reads

Dear mom,
Ive just called Spike and told him the whole story.
He said that only demons can go into that cave.
So were going together and face the test.
We will be back, the next day and bring you
the double-tai sword

love Tizo

Buffy drops the note and runs to the weapon box. ,,Whats going on?’’ Enrique ask and graps the note too and starts to read. Buffy holds a sword and walks passt Enrique. Enrique holds her. ,,Wait im gonna go with you’’ Enrique saids. Buffy looks at him. ,,I don’t have any time to babysith Enrique’’ Buffy saids and gets herself loose from Enriques arm. Enrique looks how Buffy walks towards the door and goes outside. Enrique sighs, walks to the backdoor, graps his cellphone. ,,Hey, its me. I need the car right now, Im infront of the graveyard-south. Ok’’ Enrique saids and hangs up, walks towards the gy. He waits there for his car, sees this black big car stops infront of him. He gets behind the weals. ,,Thanks for driving the car, were can I take you to?’’ Enrique ask, and looks next to him. ,,Well, to the hotel’’ the girl smiles. Enrique starts the car. ,,But first I need to pick someone up’’ he said and drives over the road. He drives to the main-entrance of the gy, look at the girl. ,,Promise me, you don’t go outside’’ he saids. The girl noddeds and Enrique steps out and close the doors. He runs up the graveyard. I really hope Buffy is here somewhere, he thinks. He looks around and, soon he sees her walking. ,,Buffy!’’ he yells and runs down. Buffy stops. ,,Yea scream my name just a little bit louder I don’t think the demons behind that tombestone didn’t hear you’’ she saids, and looks at Enrique. ,,Buffy, do you even know where this cave is?’’ Enrique ask her. She looks on the ground. ,,Just what I throught, go with me and we’ll find out where we can find Tizo. Its seems Spike did know where this cave is, trust me’’ Enrique said and opens his hand for her. Buffy looks at him, and walks passt him. ,,Ok, where do you want to look?’’ Enrique smiles and walks back to the car. ,,My car is up here’’ he said, opens the door for Buffy. Buffy steps in, and looks at the girl. ,,Hi, Im Buffy’’ she smiles. The girl turns and looks at her. ,,Im linda, Enriques assistant’’ she saids, looks at Enrique when he steps into the car. ,,You girls are ready?’’ He smiles and starts the car and drives back to Lindas hotel room. ,,Do u live here Buffy?’’ she ask. ,,Yea, almost 8 years now. It’s a nice town, Sunnydale got everything you need, I always say’’ She smiles. Linda looks at Enrique. ,,Ehm, Enrique you really need to do that photoshot next week. So you stay in the spotlight of the media, and be intouch with your fans’’ Linda tells him. Enrique sighs. ,,I know, I will go. I must say, im the luckiest man in this world with this kinda fans’’ Enrique saids. ,,What do u mean?’’ Buffy wonders. ,,Well, because there is some kinda poll going on, on the internet. And even I don’t let them know when the album will be released, the still keep voting on me. That’s just..’’ he smiles, looks at Linda. ,,I just checked it, and your still number one with 4664 votes.’’ Buffy nodds. ,,Enrique, do you have some new songs here?’’ Linda ask. ,,You mean, from the new album? Well Im not aloud to take them out of the studio, I do have some other albums if you want to hear some music’’ Enrique saids, looks into his backward view over to Buffy. ,,What do u want to hear?’’ Buffy lift up her shoulder. ,,Well, I think you don’t want to hear yourself. Im accually interesting which music you like on this moment’’ Buffy saids. Enrique clicks on a button on his car-computer. ,,I think this is, my favourite album on the moment’’ Enrique saids and hears the music. ,,Ive nothing much to offer, theres nothing much to take. Im an absolute beginner…’’ Enrique sings allong. ,,Enrique, this is David Bowie, his for yourtime’’ Linda saids. Enrique smiles. ,,I know, but music from the 70s and 80s are so pure, new and they really mean something. They tell you a story to the world. Just like this song. Absolute beginners, it means that in life you go up and down but your still a beginner with ever choice you take in love, life or family’’ Enrique tells. Buffy feels what he say. ,,Your right.’’ She saids. Enrique pulls the car over at Sunnydale hotel. Linda steps out. ,,Thanks for the drive and don’t…’’ ,,Forget about the photoshoot. I got my cellphone right here. I call you, okay’’ Enrique said and drives away. ,,Why don’t you have a room with her?’’ ,,Because, I stick above others, I just cant hide so easy. And then Iam here not for work, but for you’’ Enrique saids. ,,Where do you want to start to look first?’’ Buffy ask him. ,,Well, I thought, maybe you know a libery or somerthing and if we cant find anything there, then we’ll hit the streets’’ Enrique tells. ,,Go in here, to the left. Then the 3 street on your righ’’ Buffy said. Enrique does what him is told. Enrique pulls over and steps out of the car and closes the doors when Buffy got out. ,,The magic box?’’ Enrique reads on the window. Buffy knocks on the door. ,,Buffy, the store is closed. You cant come in’’ Anya, a friend, said. ,,Anya, its important and Willow is here as well’’ she saids. Anys walks back inside. ,,Fine’’ Anyas sighs. Buffy turns her head to Enrique. ,,Your coming?” Buffy walks inside, Enrique close the door and looks around. ,,Hi Buff’’ Willow saids. Anya didn’t had a good look from Enrique, walks to Buffy. ,,Buffy, you don’t take a stanger into my store’’ Anya wispers. Enrique looks over to Anya, Buffy and Willow. ,,Where can I find some books?’’ he smiles. Anya looks over to him. ,,But, that’s….’’ Anyas saids. Willow stands up. ,,I saw him first’’ she rans towards him. Enrique gets a litte afraid from the two girls. Anya fallows her. They both grap on of his arms. ,,Back of Anya, hes mine’’ ,,Willow, your gay and beside he likes brunnets better then red ones’’ Anya saids. Willow stand with her mouth open. ,,Nice friends you have’’ Enrique saids, looks at Buffy. ,,Anya, Willow’’ Buffy points to them. ,,This is Enrique.’’ Enrique gets himseld free. ,,Gurls, im not here to play. Im here..’’ ,,He is here for me’’ Buffy interups. ,,Yea, that’s true’’ Enrique saids. ,,Oh, Buffy I known you for years and this is the first time ever you tell me that you know Enrique Iglesias’’ Willow saids. ,,Shes right, If you’ve had brought him 4 years ago, Willow wasn’t fascinated by girls’’ Anya said. ,,Before you all gonna argue again. Im here for personal reasons and Buffy. I know her 32 hours maybe but do you have any books here?” Enrique ask again. Anya points up to the bookcase. ,,Thanks’’ Enrique walks to the stairs and climps up. Some women are really weird, or is that only because of me? Enrique thinks. ,,Are here any books about old-weapons or legends from vampires?’’ Enrique ask while he still looking at the books. Anya walks up to him. ,,They should be here’’ she saids. Buffy is gonna sith down, sighs. Willow looks at her. ,,Whats wrong?’’ ,,Nothing, I hope they will find that book soon’’ she said. ,,And why is Enrique here then?’’ Buffy looks a little away from Willow. ,,There has been a legend around vampires, that long time ago an ultimate weapon has been made for vampires. Spike told us that the four parts of Coras are here in town. That’s why the evil side is a little quite. Those 4 parts can open a portal, where the chosen one must do 3 test before he/she can control the weapon’’ Buffy tells her. Willow looks up to Enrique. ,,Does he know everything?’’ Buffy nodds. ,,But I want you and Anya out of this, ok!’’ ,,eh, Enrique just a questions, why are you looking for books from demons and vampires?’’ Anya ask him. ,,Well its personal you know, I need to know more about the parts of the stone of Coras…’’ Enrique said. ,,The parts of Coras?’’ Anya repeats him and walks downstairs. ,,Hey..Anya where are you going?’’ Enrique wonders. She walks behind the counter, graps a key and opens a safe.

,,This is the book you need’’ Anya said and drops a big book on the table. Enrique wonders whats wrong with her. Anya graps her coat. ,,Well, I hope to see you, maybe one day’’ She said. ,,Anya, whats wrong? Did something happened to you?’’ Buffy ask. Enrique looks down on her. ,,I think something has happened. The parts of Coras, are kept secret and save for centuries. But now there active? Id rather leave town if I were you’’ Anya saids. ,,But so bad cant that weapon be, if Buffy has a stake. Shes almost immortal to vampires’’ Willow said. ,,Willow is right, every evil Ive faced Ive stopt. This isnt so different’’ Buffy said. ,,Ow it is’’ Anya saids. Enrique cant really follow what the girls are saying. He walks downstairs. ,,On what way?’’ he ask. ,,I was there when they made this weapon.’’ Anya gots everyone attention now. ,,This weapon is made from the skin from the eldest vampire’’ ,,The master’’ Buffy saids. ,,And made from the blood from every vampire with a high-stage. I can tell you, lots of powerfull vampire blood has been spilt. Then you got the power and strenght from the weapon but to make it sure this weapon could alone be used by one master. The needed a vampire family to spill their blood, too. Blood from the great four one from the fanged-four.’’ ,,Darla, Drusilla, Angel and Spike…’’ Buffy saids surprised. Anya nodds. ,,But to make it effecter for killing a slayer, this weapon needs to have a special band with her just like the chosen one have. They killed a slayer and spilt her blood till the last drup’’ Anya said. ,,How could you’ve ever had been there?’’ Enrique asks a little confused. ,,Enrique, Anya has been a demon for centuries. But now shes a full blood human’’ Buffy fills him in. Enrique looks at them. Slayer, demon, vampires, I cant wait to hear what kinda thing Willow girl is. I always thought that the slayer stood alone, without any friends or family. Enrique thinks. Buffys walks to the book. ,,Lets start to look it up.’’ Enrique walks to her and looks over her shoulder also into the book. ,,This gonna take a while’’ Buffy said. ,,220’’ Enrique saids. ,,What?”’ ,,I don’t know, got a flash that you should go to, page 220’’ Enrique explains. Buffy turns the pages, the book sounds old. ,,Legend of vampires…’’ Buffy reads the title. The letters are nice decorated with old middle-age style. ,,Here, the part of Coras. You need to have the blood from the hero on the earth. The hand from the chosen one and the stone of sacrifar…’’ Buffy reads, feels her neckless and looks over to Enrique. ,,Who are you really?’’ She ask. ,,What do you mean?’’ Enrique reacts surprisly. ,,You brought one of the parts of Coras right here in the middel of it’’ Buffy saids. ,,I got a message to bring this to you, don’t blame me for the mess.’’ ,,From who did you got the message?’’ Willow ask. ,,Elvira, my ex-nanny, gave this to me long time ago. She told me, that if I become famous, then I needed to wear this neckless so many time. Her family died for this thing to keep it in good hands. I think if I would wear ir, the demons will think that it was a fake on, and now its your turn to keep it save’’ Enrique tells. ,,Is still feels weird’’ Buffy saids. ,,Maybe it makes good sence’’ Willow saids.

Everyone looks at her. ,,What do u mean?’’ Buffy ask. ,,Well the hero from the earth, that is you. You got the stone from Enrique. And all you need is a vampire that stands close to you’’ Willow tells. ,,You mean like Spike and Angel? They ones Ive let in?’’ Buffy saids. ,,Angel?’’ Enrique wonders. ,,Dark, tall, handsome guy, vampire with a soul, Buffys big love’’ Anya fills him short in. Buffys gonna sith down. ,,Maybe, they did it for one thing’’ Buffy saids. ,,Buffy no, Angel loved you and Spike also in his twisted way. I don’t think they would do that to you’’ Willow saids. ,,I think Tizo is the guy’’ Enrique saids. ,,Everything is related to blood, Tizo does have your blood and that from a vampire. The closes band doesn’t exsist’’ Enrique saids looks at Buffy. ,,Then we need to find that place right now!’’ Buffy saids. ,,That’s easy’’ Anya saids. ,,Its right here,in the Hellmouth. Theres only one way to get in and that’s where the masters got out.’’ ,,The master?’’ Buffy saids, looks at Anya. Willow looks at Buffy. ,,Then I know where it is, come on Enrique’’ she saids and jumps up and walks to the door. ,,Buffy don’t you need some extra power?’’ Willow ask. ,,We can do it with the two of us’’ she walks outside. ,,Thanks’’ Enrique smiles and closes the magic box door behind him. ,,Buffy, who is/was this master guy?’’ ,,He was one of the eldest vampire in the wolrd. He killed me and then I killed him for good. Can we please go?’’ Buffy saids and waits for the door to get open. Enrique press on a button and the doors are unlocked. They both get in. ,,Where to?’’ ,,To the graveyard, West-side’’ Buffy tells him.

Enrique starts the car, wonders if they are doing the right thing. Luckly I got some weapons in the trunk. He sees the gate from the graveyards. He stops the car and pulls over. They both grab a weapon and walks toward to the familygrave, were the got the entrance to the Hellmouth. Enrique sighs, there we go, he thinks. Enrique looks up, some letters were written there, only it was not readable. Buffy walks in. ,,There through that gate and then to the east. We will find the entrance to the Hellmouth’’ Buffy said. Enrique fallows her, needs to hold his head a little down, otherswise hes gonna hit himself against the wall. Buffy walks forward, Enrique needs to keep up with her. Buffy jumps a meter down, Enrique jumps next to her and he looks around. ,,Wow, this is how a vampire nest looks like’’ Enrique said and still follows Buffy to a black wall. Buffy hits on the wall, some door goes open and she walks in. Enrique still fallows her with his sword resting on his shoulder. The hear some people talking, louder when they getting closer. ,,Bloody hell! Ive no clue how to open this goddamn thing’’ someone hit a wall. Enrique walks downstairs, looks around where the noise is coming from. Buffy walks downstairs, sees Spike and Tizo. ,,Who do we have here?’’ Spike and Tizo turns around. Enrique stands behind Buffy. ,,Tizo, did I tell you to go out on your own?’’ Buffy said. ,,Well, no. But Spike knows things about this sword’’ Tizo tells her. Buffy looks at Spike. ,,Really? Like what Spike?’’ Buffy wants to know. ,,Well, I know what sort of test you need to take. Which things you need to open this gate to get in’’ Spike said. ,,And you probally also know, where this sword is come from and how it got made?’’ Buffy said to him. Spike looks over to Tizo and then to Buffy. ,,What do u mean?’’ ,,Come on Spike. You, Drusilla, Angel and Darla spilt your blood on this weapon. You’ve been there, when it got made and tell me did you enjoy to see how a slayer bleed till death?’’ Buffy said. Spike looks at her. ,,That was a long time ago, Buffy. Maybe 100 years’’ Spike saids. ,,What!’’ Tizo saids and looks at Spike. ,,But your right, Ive been there. And ive done that, its in the past’’ Spike said. ,,But now the weapon is back, for you a chance to take it’’ Enrique said. ,,Hes right, Spike,’’ Buffy said, ,,How can I know, that your relationship with me wasn’t an act at all? The chosen one need to have a special band with the hero from the world’’ Buffy said. ,,Don’t you forget Angel? He was the first vampire that felt for you, Summers. Maybe it was his plan, why do u think he left town and lives in L.A?’’ Spike said. Buffy looks on the floor. Enrique looks at Spike. ,,Luckly for you, your not the chosen one. But Tizo is’’ Enrique said. Spike turns to Tizo. ,,He? Its makes sence’’ Spike saids. Tizo looks up, everyone is watching him. ,,What?’’ Tizo wonders. Buffy smiles at him. ,,I was so afraid this was gonna happen’’ She said. ,,So I can open this gate, what are we waiting for. Lets do it’’ Tizo said. Buffy walks to the stone of Coras. Graps a little dagger and cut herself in her hand, let some blood drup on the stone. The stone from Buffy neckless, starts to glow a little. Buffy walks to Tizo, and puts her hand into his hand. And presses hard, so the blood comes outside. Tizo looks at her and then to the blood. He turns into a vampire, cause of the smell from the blood. ,,Tizo, listen to me. You need to put your hand on the stone, then the the gate will open’’ Buffy said to him and keeps looking into his eyes. Tizo walks to the stone and put his hand on it. The ground starts to shake and the door goes open. They all walk inside, first is really dark. But then some fire bins turns on, one by one. Tizo has turned to his normal self face. Enrique blink with his eyes a little. Need to get used with the lights, he sees in the middle of the room a small guy standing.

,,Who the hell is he?’’ Spike looks at him. The small guy didn’t take his eyes of Tizo. ,,Welcome, chosen one. Im your host, I will be your guide through this mission. You can call me, Host’’ the host said. Tizo nodds, looks around. ,,Well, you know that the test only can be completed when you are the only one that take them on your own’’ host said and looks at Spike, Enrique and Buffy. ,,Yea, I thought so. I brought myself a nice strong vampire, a freelancer and the slayer. What better army can you wish?’’ Tizo smiles. The host looks at Buffy. ,,The slayer, beeing here I hope you know this, can get you killed. Afther the chosen one, touch the ultimade weapon he will kill the Hero in a heartbeat. Well your heart, he doesn’t have a beat.’’ The host laughs. ,,We see, so when can we start?” Buffy ask. ,,Right now’’ the host said, shows then a blue light. The all walk into the light.

They’re all standing in fight stadium. ,,Welcome! Chosen one, youre gonna face test 1. Lets see how good your skills are’’ the host said. Tizo sighs and waits. A demon shows up infront of Tizo. ,,I think its killing or get killed?’’ ,,Till the dead’’ The host said. ,,Thought so’’ Tizo said and runs up to the demon, kicks him against the head. The demon falls on the floor, before he can get up. Tizo, put his knee on his throat. ,,Dad, isnt this a Glarghk Guhl Kashmas?’’ Tizo ask him. ,,Yea, this is one’’ Spike smiles. ,,Right, they are just a little aggressive and strong but not very smart’’ Tizo saids, but got hit by the Kashmas. He break his fall, with his back. He looks up and face the feet from the Kashmas. Tizo spits some blood. ,,Tizo’’ Buffy said and want to talk to him. She get hold by a sort of energie field. ,,What the hell is this?’’ She hits on the the field, get blow away. Enrique help her up. ,,Mom, I need to do this alone’’ Tizo said, jumps up and wipe his blood away. He hit the Kashmas, but got blocked. The Kashmas, flip out this pointed needle, the didgeridoo, and he sticks it into Tizo arm. He screams, grap his arm. ,,What happened?’’ Enrique wants to know. ,,Well the Kashmas, has used his didgeridoo, the needle thing, and has the power to create hallucinations in those it injects’’ Spike tells. ,,Just the same, that happened to me. Years ago’’ Buffy said. ,,That right. But hes a vampire, it will take a while before he sees things. I can take about an hour, 2/3 maybe a day’’ Spike said. Tizo turns into a vampire, break the needle of and sticks it in the Kashmas neck. White blood spray from it. The Kashmas, holds his neck. Tizo runs up to him. Kicks to hard against his head that it flies of. The body falls down, the demon dissapears. Tizo looks at the host.
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