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Like a Roamer - So caught up in the deal
von Roos de Veth

Time: 15-07-06 till 30-08-06

Enrique puts his hands around his head, gosh what is he tired. He looks at his desk, some music and lyrics have been written. Its really a chaos. Enrique sighs. ,,I have to make this song work.’’ Someone knocks on the door. ,,Come in!’’ Enrique’s assistant walks in. ,,I thought you could use a coffee.’’ And she puts the cup down. Enrique smiles. ,,Thanks, are you the only one here?’’ ,,Pretty much, there are still some people in the other studios.’’ He nods. ,,Do you know the time?’’ She looks on her watch. ,,Its almost 5 o’clock in the morning.’’ ,,Thanks’’ he said and looks at his music. His assistant walks away, looks over to him. ,,Maybe it will help, if you put some music on, track 12’’ she said and close the door. Enrique rolls with his chair over to the cd-player and click on play. He rolls back with his chair, drinks some of his coffee, put his pen down and stand up. Walks around, thinking about new music and lines. Radio: You’re a rock and roll suicide. You’re too old to lose it, too young to choose it and the clocks wait so patiently on your song. You walk past the café but you don’t eat when you’ve lived to long.’’ Enrique whispers the words along. He stops walks, hums some song and grab his guitar, plays a song. ,,Now, how can we go on. Its was so good now its gone. There is a lot went wrong. But you were always right here when I want’’ Enrique sings, write down the music he came up. ,,Where have I myself put into’’ Enrique sighs, when he’s done with the song. He turns the studio light off, put his work in his bag and leaves the studio. 48 hours he had worked in the studio in London, he can use a break. Enrique looks outside, sees the sun and turns his peak from his camouflage cap right in front. He walks outside, looks down a little so he wont get noticed by anyone. But on this hour from London, people are getting to work in time. Enrique feels like a stranger in town, nobody knows what’s going to come. He is an American alien in London, he smiles by that idea. A guy runs fast towards him, everyone need to get out of the way. Enrique looks over his shoulder. Doesn’t look out and bump into a woman. She drops her map and other papers. ,,I’m sorry’’ Enrique said and helps her out. ,,Its all right. Do you maybe know where the… never mind I see someone I know. Hey Viv!’’ the girl yells with a little German accent. Enrique gives her the papers. ,,Thanks’’ she said doesn’t look at him and runs away. Enrique looks down, sees a wallet on the floor, he bends over to pick it up. ,,Hey! You forgot…’’ Enrique looks around, doesn’t see the woman anywhere. ,,Your wallet.’’ He puts it in his bag, continue his walk and goes inside his hotel. He opens his door, sees his manager. ,,I was wondering where you could be.’’ Enrique put his bag on a chair. ,,Not funny, Fernando’’ he said. ,,Is she still sleeping?’’ Fernando nods. Enrique walks into an other room, sees Anna sleeping and he smiles. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. ,,Good morning Angel’’ he said. Anna slowly wakes up, Enrique walks to the fridge and have some breakfast. ,,Enrique don’t forget, you have a red carpet tonight’’ Fernando said. ,,I know, I need to show my face more.’’ Enrique sits down, Anna gets on his lap, dressed and well. ,,You should have a break today. All those days in the studio working. It is not good for you’’ Anna smiles. Enrique holds her waist. ,,But it makes me very creative, though. Today, I need to give someone her wallet back.’’ Fernando looks at him. ,,You stole someone’s wallet?’’ ,,No, she dropped it. When we bumped into each other. Its in my bag’’ Enrique said and kisses Anna. Fernando opens his back, looking for the wallet. ,,What, are you doing?” Enrique wants to know. ,,Looking for some information that lead us to this girl.’’ ,,What! Its personal stuff, we cant look through it.’’ ,,Well otherwise this woman: Marita Wittig, ’’ he reads, ,,Never get her wallet back.’’ ,,Do you think we can bring it to the lost and found box? Cause that will never works, maybe if we make a big poster from me holding up the wallet. Saying: is this yours, Marita. You can pick it up at Europe House hotel-Enrique’’ he laughs. Anna smiles too. Fernando grabs a card out her wallet and looks at it. An other assistant walks in. ,,Do we know about a fan-meeting here in London?” Fernando gives the card to Enrique. He also looks at it, reads: Fan-meeting for the Quique fans. Official card for: Marita Wittig. Enrique turns the card and looks at the back. ,,Here is an address and it starts tonight around six.’’ ,,But does anyone knows about this even?’’ Fernando ask. ,,Well, ’’the assistant said, ,,They have talked about it on the forum. To organize a meeting for every fan in Europe. Just to see the faces behind their nicknames. I think’’ she said. ,,Wow, that is really amazing’’ Anna said, looks at Enrique. ,,Yeah it is. They didn’t invite me in!’’ Enrique said as a joke. He smiles at Anna, looks at Fernando. ,,Oh no! I know what you are thinking. You cant drop this of with that girl. We don’t have much time, you have a red carpet tonight and you are the special guest.’’ Enrique looks at Anna. ,,What are you going to do today?’’ ,,Well, maybe I’m going to the tennis court. Just to get that feeling back, want to join me?’’ Enrique thinks for a while. ,,Well we have been here for a while. I love to see the city, every part of London really. You also can come with me’’ Enrique said and looks at her. ,,Sure, we also can play ball with each other tomorrow morning. Before you go to Spain’’ Anna smiles and kiss him. Enrique said up, grab his bag and puts the music he has written out on the table. ,,I will take along 50 ponds’’ he said and put his wallet in his bag. Anna stands up and walks back into the bedroom. Fernando leave the wallet on a desk, when he isn’t looking Enrique grabs it and put it in his bag. ,,Enrique, is it warm outside?’’ Anna ask him. Enrique leans against the entry-door from the bedroom. ,,You know, you are already beautiful on who you are.’’ Anna smiles at him. ,,I’m ready to go’’ she said and leaved the hotel room. ,,Bye, Fernando. I will be back around seven’’ Enrique said and close the door. Hand in hand they walk to the exit. ,,Are we going to take the car?’’ Anna looks at him. ,,Its depends on how far you ant to go.’’ ,,With you, to the end of the world and back.’’ Enrique puts his arm around here. ,,We can go the park not far away from here. Then going to the London-eye and have something to eat. What do you say?’’ he looks at her. ,,Lets go then.’’ So they walk up to the park, they find a nice place with a tree not far away from the water. Enrique sits down against the tree, Anna lies down on his chest. For a few minutes, they were totally quite, the park was not very lively. Some people were walking around enjoying the lovely weather. ,,Life should always be like this’’ Enrique looks down at Anna. ,,Mmm’’ she said still have her eyes closed. Enrique looks around the park, stoke gentle through Anna’s hair. ,,Its really beautiful here.’’ Anna opens her eyes. ,,Are you not tired? After working so hard?’’ Enrique smiles. ,,I’m relaxing now and beside I’ve missed you more then my sleep.’’ ,,I’m glad we have some time together, next time we should bring a picnic-basket, lie next to each other all day and watch the sunset.’’ Enrique looks into her eyes. ,,I can feet your food anywhere you want, you don’t need to have an excuse for it’’ he smiles. Anna hits him gentle on the shoulder. ,,It’s a romantically thing to do.’’ ,,You know, if we are back in Miami. We will take the speed boat, drive to the middle of the water and I will surprise you with something really romantically.’’ Anna leans up and kiss him. ,,Can’t wait.’’ Anna lies back, closing her eyes. ,,Are you coming tonight to the red carpet with me?’’ ,,I don’t have a dress to wear.’’ ,,We can get on, right now! I saw a nice little store here on the corner, they should have something for you.’’ Anna and Enrique getting up, he put his arm around her. They walk inside the store, Anna walks right away to the clothes. Enrique looks at the shopkeeper and his colleagues talking about them. ,,You were right, they have really nice original clothes and dresses’’ Anna smiles. ,,Are you looking for something special?’’ the shopkeeper ask. ,,Well, I love to look around a little more. But thanks’’ Anna said. ,,If you need help, you only have to ask.’’ The shopkeeper walks back. ,,It sounds so funny’’ Enrique said. ,,What?’’ ,,That accent, makes the English a little dignified.’’ ,,It does, oh Enrique looks at this ’’ Anna said and holds a black dress up. Not really glamour but more like old fashion. ,,You should try it on’’ Enrique smiles. Anna walks into a fitting-room, she hangs the dress up and close the curtain. Enrique opens it and walk in. ,,What are you doing?’’ Anna scares. Enrique gives her a kiss and close the curtain again. He sits down on a bench, waiting for Anna to get changed. A young-woman walks up to him. Enrique looks at her. ,,Can I have your signature?’’ she ask him and hands over paper and a pen. ,,Sure, what’s your name?” ,,Brooke.’’ Enrique signs the paper, stand up give her the paper back and hugs her. Anna walks outside with the dress on, Enrique looks at her. ,,What do you think?” Anna ask. ,,You look, wow! Amazing’’ Enrique smiles. ,,You look great!’’ Brooke said, who still was standing there. Anna turns around. ,,You think?’’ ,,You get it from me, special gift’’ Enrique kiss her. Anna walks back and change back in her clothes. She gives the dress to Enrique, he walks to the cash register and pays for the dress. ,,Thanks’’ he said and grabs the bag and walks with Anna back outside. During the morning, Enrique and Anna have went to the London eye. ,,Now, I’m hungry’’ Enrique said. ,,Yeah, me too.’’ ,,Lets find a nice place to eat.’’ On the corner of the West minister bridge, a little stall stand with London stuff for the tourist, Anna drags Enrique to it. She grabs a high hat in the colour of England and puts it on his head. ,,You look really sweet’’ Anna said, holds her laugh. Enrique takes the hat off. ,,I will buy you a new beanie’’ Anna said and start looking around. She pays the man and holds the bag. ,,Lets go’’ she smiles. ,,Let me see, what you got for me’’ Enrique said and wants to grab the bag away from her. Anna turns. ,,No, in a minute when we are having our lunch’’ Anna smiles. They get into a small restaurant, sit down in a private corner. After they ordered some food, Enrique looks at her. ,,Can I see now, what you got for me?” Anna hands over the bag. Enrique grabs the beanie out, its in blue with white lines on it. Anna also get him a cap in the colour of England, and the front a little line: London’s Angel. ,,Thanks!’’ Enrique smiles and kiss Anna. They both enjoying their time together and have lunch on their own way. They start on some warm drinks, Enrique grabs the card out his pocket and flips it over on this table. ,,What are we going to do next?’’ Enrique ask her, but he is not looking up. ,,Going back to the hotel’’ Anna said and looks on her watch. ,,Oh, we still have 4 hours before we need to get back.’’ Enrique doesn’t say a thing just looking at the card he is flipping. ,,Is something wrong?’’ Anna ask him, lift up his face. ,,You can tell me.’’ Enrique shoves the card to her. ,,It’s just that, that woman that lost her wallet and everything.’’ Anna holds his hand. ,,Look we have enough time over. So if you want we can go to that place right away.’’ Enrique kiss her forehead. ,,You are the best.’’ They pay for their lunch and walks outside. ,,We only have to walk 4 blocks and its in a lounge’’ Enrique said., holds Anna’s hand. On the street still not a lot of people, mostly around 5, 6 o’clock when the evening rush-hour starts. ,,Look, I think it must be here’’ Anna points at a building. There is a poster from Enrique with the words; Fan-meeting tonight. Enrique steps to the photo. ,,Who do you think, is cuter?’’ Enrique said and looks over his shoulder to Anna and smiles. ,,Lets go, sweetie’’ Anna said, they both walk in and walk up to a counter. ,,We found the wallet from a woman, Marita, she should be here or at least around six’’ Enrique said to the woman behind the counter. ,,You can put it here, sir. And we make sure she will get it.’’ ,,Look, I really want to give her this personally, cant I just walk through?’’ ,,No, you cant. You only can in with a special pass. We have really strict orders.’’ Enrique sighs, still holds the wallet and looks at Anna. ,,Let say, he is the special guest for tonight’’ Anna said and helps him out. The woman looks at them, grab a phone and start calling someone to come up to the counter. A young woman opens the door. ,,You guys, thanks a lot for being here so early just to help me out’’ she said, close the door and turns around. ,,What can I…’’ she stops talking when she sees Enrique. ,,Oh my god. I’m dreaming’’ she whispers to herself but walks up to the counter. ,,What’s the problem?’’ she ask. ,,They want to get in, to give someone her wallet back.’’ Kim looks at Enrique and Anna. ,,Hi, I’m Anna’’ she said and shakes her hand. ,,And this is Enrique.’’ Enrique shakes her hand too. ,,So, you are really here?’’ Kim ask and looks up at him. ,,Yeah, we are staying in London.’’ ,,Oh my god!’’ she said. Enrique let her hand go. ,,I’m Kim, Kimberly and I just want to say to you; welcome on England and London. And I’m really your biggest fan in the world!’’ she said a little nervous. Enrique hugs her. ,,I didn’t mean to scare you’’ he said, smiles and let her go. ,,Why are you here?’’ Kim wants to know. ,,This morning I bumped into a woman. She lost her wallet, I saw the card with the address on and we went right away to here. Just to give her the wallet back’’ Enrique tells her. ,,Ohh, Marita did bumped into a guy. She thought it was an old drifter…’’ Enrique looks at her, hears Anna almost laughing. ,,I worked for 48 hours straight, I was tired and hungry. Is she here?” ,,Yeah, I will get her’’ Kim said, waves at Anna and walks back to the door. Anna pulls Enrique to her. ,,Hey, I’m going back to hotel. To get ready for tonight, you just stay here and have some fun but be back in the hotel on seven.’’ ,,I will’’ Enrique said and kiss her. ,,Thanks for the lovely morning’’ she smiles and walks out back to the hotel. Kim walks in the big lounge. ,,Guys, you are not going to believe this’’ Kim said. Marita and Vivian looking up. ,,What’s wrong, Kim?’’ Roos ask her, looks at her when she’s holding up some decoration and Maria looks also up at here. ,,Marita’s drifter is back and he is really want this whole thing is about’’ Kim said. The girls are thinking but don’t believe its true. ,,So you are saying that, Enrique is just a door away?’’ Roos said and looks at Kim. ,,Yeah, believe me he is really here. Why should I joke about it in front of you guys?’’ Vivian starts to laugh. ,,And you called him an old drifter’’ she points at Marita. ,,I feel so embarrassed. Wait why is he here?’’ Marita ask. ,,To bring you your wallet back.’’ Maria looks at them. ,,Guys, what are we going to do, when we walk through that door?’’ she ask. ,,I don’t about you, but I will hug him first!’’ Vivian said. Marita, Kim and Roos smiles. ,,What are we going to say to him?’’ Roos ask. ,,When the album is going to release’’ Kim said. ,,That’s not so nice to start with maybe we can ask him what he thinks about this idea’’ Marita said. ,,And about his album’’ Maria said. Enrique can hear them talking, giggling and laughing before they open the door. All the girls looks at him. ,,Wow, there are 5 of you’’ Enrique said and walks to them give them one by on a hug and two cheek kisses. ,,Sorry about that drifter and all. If I would had known it was a cute one, I never ran away’’ Marita said. ,,Hi, I’m Vivian.’’ ,,I’m Maria.’’ Enrique hugs and kisses the girls. ,,I’m Roos and we Dutch give each other 3 kisses on the cheek’’ Roos said, smiles at Enrique and get her 3 kisses. ,,What, it’s a culture thing and very important’’ Roos said when she sees the face’s of the girls. ,,And very handy if a famous person is there?’’ Maria said. ,,Right, you got the picture.’’ Enrique smiles, grabs the wallet and give it to Marita. ,,Here and keep it save close to you’’ he said. ,,Thanks’’ Marita said and puts it away. ,,So you organize a fan-meeting! Its just lucky, we found out about it, if I wasn’t bumped into Marita’’ Enrique said. ,,Yeah, its just an idea we all had for a long time. But do you like the idea?’’ Kim said. ,,Yeah, I do. I’m just surprised you could bring it up on his feet. Can I look inside?’’ Enrique ask. ,,Sure, just fallow us’’ Vivian said. They let Enrique into the lounge, he looks around. ,,Wow! It really look so nice and cosy’’ he said. In the lounge there were some table’s and chairs to sit on, a bar to get some drinks and something to eat and a stage. ,,Are you also showing a band?’’ ,,Yeah, Ali’s band will perform tonight. I think they do some songs from you and some they wrote’’ Kim said. ,,Shouldn’t they been sound checking in an hour?’’ Maria ask. ,,You’re right. We should pick them up at the station’’ Roos said. ,,We will do that’’ Maria said. They both walk to the door. ,,Bye!’’ Roos said. ,,It was nice meeting you two’’ Enrique said before they leave. ,,Nobody will believe us, that you are going to be here tonight’’ Vivian said. ,,No, I won’t, I got to be back on 7. We are having a red carpet before we go to Spain tomorrow’’ Enrique said. ,,How are we going to show people that you where really here?’’ Vivian ask. ,,We can tape Enrique, ’’ Kim said and grab a video camera. ,,And he just say something about tonight.’’ ,,Cool idea, Kim’’ Marita said and they look at Enrique. ,,All right that sounds far.’’ Kim hold up the camera at Enrique. ,,And…action!’’ she said. Enrique smiles at looks into the camera. ,Hi, everyone! As you see, I’m here too in London but I cant be there with you guys for the night. I just want to wish you guys all great time with each other! This idea is really a brilliant thing and the next meeting invite me too cause I would love to join you all! Again thanks a lot for the support you all gave me these past years and it wont be long when the new album is going to be release. So see you all soon! Bye..’’ Enrique said. Kim stops the video. ,,Thanks,, that was very sweet! They all are going to flip out when they see this’’ Marita said. ,,Are you here in London just to promote your new album?’’ Kim ask and she sits down just like everyone else. ,,Well, its not really a promotion for the album but I need to show my face more before it does. That’s why the concert in Spain and this tonight is very important. I’m also here to finish, well really dot the i’s and cross the t’s on the album’’ Enrique said. ,,No way! He is really here’’ Ali said, when he opens the door. His band just walk right through the stage. Enrique looks at him. ,,So that’s Ali! I hear you are a radio man.’’ Ali shakes his hand. ,,Yeah, some nights.’’ ,,They could get a flight earlier and we just bumped into them not far away from here’’ Maria said, sits down with the others. ,,So, pff. Its really hot outside’’ Roos said, when she walks inside and looks at Enrique. ,,Correction, its way hotter in here. I will finish the decorations’’ Roos said, after some girls laughed. ,,So about the album, you just want it to be perfect as it can be?’’ Vivian ask. ,,Perfect, yeah I do want that but with 50 songs it takes a lot of time’’ Enrique said. ,,Just take the time you need. I do want like anyone else the album rather now then over a week but its more important to listen to an artist that gave himself 200% and show me that this is the best. Then listen to an artist that rushed the album to get it done’’ Roos said, she see some girls nodding. ,,I agree Roos, I think we all think that’s important the most’’ Marita said. ,,And beside this album will blow away the world’’ Ali said. ,,Yeah, totally’’ Maria smiles. Enrique looks a little bit away. ,,Thanks, it really means a lot to me, everything you said’’ he smiles. ,,About the Malaga concert, which songs are you going to perform?’’ Kim ask him. ,,Some old songs and new songs from the album. I cant tell you exact which songs’’ Enrique said. ,,Well, Roos and I have some nice ideas which old songs you should sing’’ Kim said, Roos sits down next to her. ,,Yeah, maybe you can sing Nunca te olvidare, be with you or be yourself’’ she said. ,,Or Marta’’ Kim said. Enrique smiles. ,,Maybe you should wait one more day and you will know.’’ ,,Ali, we are ready to begin’’ a guitarist said. Ali stands up, walks on stage and they start playing their first song. Enrique looks at them and listen. ,,Doesn’t sound bad’’ Enrique smiles. ,,I know those questions about the album start to bother you but do you know how many songs will be there on the track list? Ten or more?’’ Marita ask him. ,,Well, I think at least ten and maybe 2 more.’’ ,,Just like seven, that is the only album with 12 songs without remixing and translated in Spanish’’ Vivian said. ,,Yeah, only to bad that the album didn’t sell so well’’ Maria said. ,,And seven is just one of your best album’’ Roos smiles at him. ,,I think so too’’ Kim said. A guitar starts to play the intro from like a roamer. They are all very quiet and listing to Ali’s band. They clap when the song was done. ,,Wow, that sounds all really good’’ Enrique said. ,,Thanks’’ Ali said. Kim looks over at Roos. ,,We do have a drum set here, so let us hear what you can play.’’ Roos looks back. ,,Sure, just give me a minute’’ Roos said, stands up and walks away. ,,Can she plays the drums?’’ Enrique ask. Kim nod. ,,Well I don’t want to exaggerate but she can play the guitar and some piano too.’’ Roos walks back in, with a red box. ,,I’m back. I just brought my won drumsticks.’’ Roos put the box on the floor, grabs some black carbosticks and sits down behind the drums. ,,One, two, tree, four..’’ She said and hits a break. She gives everything, she has and stops when she hits the cymbals. ,,If you want to hire me, here is my cart’’ Roos said, jokes around and walks away from the drum set. ,,Maybe, I will. It doesn’t sounded really that bad, how long are you doing this?’’ ,,I had 3 year class and now I just play it for fun’’ Roos said, puts away her drumsticks but she just hold two light brown pair up for Enrique. ,,Can you sign them for me, it will mean a lot to me’’ Roos smiles. Enrique grabs a black felt-tip and sign them. ,,Thanks!’’ Roos said and hugs him. Enrique turns to the others. ,,I know, you all will get my signature too’’ Enrique said, and his signs for everyone on everything they hold up to him. ,,This is just the best day of my life! Meeting all my friends and Enrique’’ Kim smiles. ,,If you put the channel on BBC tonight when the news in on, I think you can see me tonight’’ Enrique said. ,,Cool! We will keep an eye on it’’ Marita said. Enrique looks on the clock, sees that it almost 6 o’clock. His cell phone rings. ,,Excuse me’’ he said, answer his phone and walks a bit away. ,,Hello, yeah I was just planning to leave. I will be there in a half an hour, then we have enough time to prepare. Ok, oh can I bring two guest with me? Thanks’’ Enrique said, hangs up and walks back. ,,Guys, I’m sorry. I need to get back and I think this party is going to start too any minute’’ Enrique said. ,,To bad you can’t stay. But have fun tonight’’ Kim said. ,,Well that’s the thing, I can bring two of you with me’’ Enrique said, looks at them with full joy in their face’s but they know that 3 of them can’t come. ,,Who will go tonight?’’ Vivian said. ,,This was most of all mine idea, so I will stay here how bad I want to go’’ Roos said and looks at him. ,,Roos you don’t have to do that, ’’ Kim said, ,,I will stay here too.’’ Roos looks at her. ,,Enrique, I insist you take Kim with you! Its just a really big dream to her, to spent some time with you’’ Roos said and looks at him. ,,I will stay here too! I’ve settled with a lot of people’’ Maria said. Vivian and Marita looking at each other, both want to go but they also grant it each other. ,,Marita, I will stay here too. I just have the same feelings like Roos’’ Vivian said and smiles at her. Marita hugs her real tide and wipes away a tear drop. ,,Thanks Viv! You really are a true friend.’’ She lets her go. ,,You should go, otherwise you will be late’’ Vivian said and smiles. ,,All right, lets go then’’ Enrique said, he hugs and kisses the girls who stay behind. ,,Don’t have to much fun!’’ Roos smiles at them before they leave. Enrique opens the backdoor, let the two girls out first and follows them when the walk to the hotel. Enrique closes the elevator, looks at them. ,,Nervous about tonight?’’ Enrique ask. ,,We don’t know what to expect, so I’m not’’ Marita said. ,,I’m not nervous ’’ Kim smiles. The elevator opens the door, Enrique walks out first and opens his hotel room. ,,Welcome in my room! This is Anna and Fernando’’ Enrique introduce them to each other. ,,So you are the girl who lost the wallet?’’ Fernando looks at Marita. ,,Yeah, I’m sorry if I all mixed up the day for you.’’ ,,Ah, don’t worry about it. Otherwise you two wont be here tonight!’’ Fernando said. ,,Kim, Marita I got some nice dresses for you to wear tonight’’ Anna said, and brings them to their bedroom. Enrique sits down, looks at Fernando. ,,What?’’ ,,Enrique, take a shower and chance your outfit’’ Fernando said. Enrique sighs gets up and does what he said. He turns the shower on, starts to fresh himself up, stands in front of the mirror. Looking at his hair, when he is all dressed. ,,Doesn’t look bad’’ he said, and just goes with his hand a few times through it. He walks out of the bathroom and sees two beautiful girls standing looking at him. ,,You two look really great!’’ Enrique smiles at them, sees Anna in the dress he bought. Walks to her and kiss her on the mouth. ,,Looking good’’ he whisper. Enrique walks to the table. ,,Okay, help me out! Should I wear a cap or not?” Enrique looks at Kim and Marita. ,,It dispense on which cap you are going to wear’’ Kim said to him. ,,Yeah, if you are going to wear that green soft one you should wear it tonight’’ Marita smiles. ,,Not wearing a cap, we all love your hair special in this state’’ Kim said. Marita smiles when he looks at his hear. Enrique feels it. ,,What’s wrong with it?’’ ,,Its really fluffy, but adorable’’ Marita said. ,,Ok, that choice has been made too’’ Enrique said. ,,Are you always late because of this?’’ Kim ask him. Enrique looks at her. ,,How do you know that.’’ ,,Well its just what you always say in interviews, that you are on an Enrique-time’’ Kim smiles. Enrique smiles. ,,I think I do, a little bit.’’ ,,We need to go now’’ Fernando said and let the door open. They all walk downstairs, into this big black car and they drive away towards the red carpet of the night. The more they get closer to the event, the more people are on the street and flashing of camera’s. ,,What do you want us to do?’’ Kim ask him. ,,Just walk along with us, wave a little and maybe they are going to ask you some question but stay yourself’’ Enrique said. They car stops. ,,I hope you are ready’’ he said and opens the door. The minute he stands outside, girls are screaming his name and journalist are taking his photo. Enrique waves, help Anna out of the car, Marita and Kim too. ,,Just follow us’’ he smiles at them, turns around and takes Anna’s hand. They both walk over the carpet, followed by Marita and Kim. ,,Enrique! Look this way!’’ hundred of journalist are saying. Enrique just stand still with Anna for some photos. He winks at Kim and Marita to join them, so they can take photos with the four of them. They continue to walk over, Enrique see that some of BBC are standing with a camera and he walks to them. ,,Enrique! How are you doing?’’ the journalist said. ,,I’m just doing fine, how about you?’’ Enrique holds Anna’s hand. ,,I see you brought some ladies with you tonight.’’ ,,Yeah, I did, the funniest thing is I have met them just this morning here in London. They were organizing a fan-meeting, about me’’ he said. ,,Wow, a fan meeting. You don’t want to be there tonight?’’ ,,And miss you…’’ he smiles. ,,No I just been there the whole afternoon and I need to be here too. So I brought two along with me, I just want to say to my fans! Enjoy the evening with each other and I will bring Kim and Marita save back to you’’ Enrique said, and looks in the camera. Know they are watching tonight. Enrique continue to walk, he looks over his shoulder at Kim and Marita who are looking around. ,,Enjoying this?’’ he smiles at them. ,,Well, not really everyone is looking at you, waiting for something to go wrong’’ Marita said. ,,I have done this of a while but I still don’t get used to it’’ Enrique said. The walks upstairs to some interviewer, she shakes their hands. ,,Welcome all!’’ she said and offer them to sit down. Enrique sits between Anna and Kim and Marita sits next to her. ,,So Enrique, here you are. After some years, showing your face again. How has life been for you?’’ the interviewer ask him. ,,Well, pretty well. I have been working on a lot of songs and just enjoy life with the people I love around me’’ he give Anna a look. ,,About your current album, tell something about it. How do you feel about this album and why its different then all the others you have make before?’’ ,,Well this is the album I feel have heard the most of all. That’s also because I have making this about for a year and a half to two years. It’s the album that I am the proudest of, just because of all the work and time I have put into this album. Is also I’ve written about 50 songs for this album and hopefully we’ll take the best out of them. That’s also what I been doing late, not give up on songs when they don’t work out right away. I just was working on the songs as long they worked out for me, and I always been persistent with written and producing songs’’ Enrique tells her. ,,So are you going to do some other promo, beside this?’’ ,,Well this is not really a promo. Because we cant talk about the album. The release date is still not settled but I’m going to Spain tomorrow and have a concert there. I also sing some of my new songs, so you will see’’ Enrique said. The interviewer looks at Marita and Kim. ,,So you are two lucky fans to be here tonight, along with Enrique. How does that feel?’’ ,,Well, first of all. I need to thanks Marita. If she didn’t bump into him and lost he wallet this all shouldn’t have happened’’ Kim said. ,,But its great being around him, he is really a sweet guy and being at our fan-meeting was just amazing too’’ Marita smiles. ,,So there is a fan-meeting going on tonight, planning to go there after this?’’ Enrique looks at them. ,,I think, we should go there to say hi’’ he smiles. ,,We could talk for hours but enjoy the evening!’’ the interviewer said. ,,Thanks, bye’’ Enrique waves in the camera and leaves with the girls. ,,Back to you in the studio’’ the interviewer said. They walk downstairs, see some fans standing and Enrique walks to them. He sign a photo for a girl. ,,Here you go!’’ he said, and get on the picture with her. He just stay there for a minute and leaves again in the car. They sit down, Kim sighs. ,,Wow, that happened just all so fast.’’ ,,Well it feels that way, but we have been here for some hours’’ Anna smiles looks at Enrique. ,,Are you planning to go back?’’ ,,Yeah, if you don’t mind? I know you got to leave too tomorrow and I promise you I will make it up to you tonight’’ he said and kisses her cheek. ,,Maybe you can call some of your band to join you’’ Anna said an looks at him. ,,I think, Tony was here in London to he was flying with me to Spain’’ Enrique said and grabs his cell phone. ,,Tony, its me. Can you do me a favour? I just need you to play tonight on a fan-meeting, I will be there too. Thanks! See you outside the hotel then? All right, bye’’ Enrique said and hangs up. ,,Are you going to perform?’’ Kim ask him. ,,Yeah, just some old songs. The ones you wanted me to sing’’ Enrique smiles. The car stops in front of the hotel, Enrique and Anna steps out. ,,Bye sweetie’’ Anna said and kiss him before she leave’s in the hotel. Enrique shakes Tony hand. ,,I’m glad you could came’’ Enrique said and they get in. Enrique introduce him to Kim and Marita and they drive back to the fan-meeting. They walk in by the backdoor, Enrique sees Vivian standing. ,,Vivian!’’ he said. She looks up and walks to him. ,,What are you doing here?’’ ,,Well, I’m just bringing Kim and Marita save home and to perform some old songs. If that if okay with you’’ Enrique smiles. Marita and Kim, smiles at Vivian and walking back in. ,,Sure, we do have a half an hour. I will announce you’’ Vivian said and walks inside. Enrique looks at Tony, he has a guitar on his shoulder. Ali walks by him. ,,Ali, which songs can your band play from me?’’ ,,Well, we do can play bailamos, quizas, one night stand and break me shake me’’ he said. ,,Can they play for me bailamos?’’ Enrique ask him. ,,Sure, I will ask them. When do you want to play the song?’’ ,,I just play two before that song and then bailamos’’ Enrique said, shakes his hand and walks inside with Tony. Enrique looks into the lounge, how is all dark now and he gets on stage with Tony. He starts to play the beginning of I have always loved you, the fans are screaming when they see Enrique sings for them. ,,Since I hear your laugh, since I felt you pain. I was to young you were much younger we’re afraid of each other hunger’’ Enrique sings, really gentle and soft. The whole songs, the crowd was so quiet like they heard an angel singing to them. ,,I have always loved you…you….owwww!’’ Enrique sings high, stops and hears the crowd clapping and screaming. ,,Thanks you! Here is just an other songs special for this event. I heard everyone loved this song and I should release it as a single. I’m still thinking about it but her is special for you: Somebody’s me’’ he said, everyone screams and Tony starts with the guitar line. ,,You, do you remember me? Like I remember you..’’ Enrique sings, he looks around the crowd. Sees that everyone is enjoying this song and some of them sing along the parts they know. He smiles at some, walks close the them. ,,That somebody’s me’’ he said and walks back to Tony. Tony finish the song, they all clap. Enrique turns around. ,,Woah!’’ he said, behind him Ali’s band get on stage. ,,Hit it Tony’’ Enrique said and walks to edge of the stage. Tony starts the guitar line of Bailamos, the drum comes also in. Enrique jumps around the stage. ,,Come! Give it to me’’ he said. ,,Tonight, we dance. I lay my life in your hands. We take the floor nothing is forbidden anymore, don’t let the world in our side. Don’t let the moment go by, nothing can stop us tonight….’’ Enrique holds the microphone in the crowd. The sing along with him. ,,Come on!’’ he claps his hands. Jumps around the stage still singing! Enrique leans on Tony when he having his solo. ,,Esta noche, Bailamos..’’ he sings, walks away from Tony and continue to sing. The songs ends, Enrique put his hands up in the air. ,,Have a safe trip back home all!’’ Enrique smiles at them. ,,Bye!’’ he said and walks from stage with Tony. They go backstage, Tony put his guitar away. ,,That went well, better then I thought’’ Tony said. ,,Yeah, I did. So how late are we going to Spain? We still need to sound checking’’ Enrique ask him. ,,Just around 10 when we are leaving from the airport. We almost have the whole afternoon, that must be enough’’ Tony said. ,,You’re right, I’m just going to say we are leaving’’ Enrique said, and walks back to the 5 girls. ,,It was nice, this whole day. An other new experience for me. Well have a safe trip back home you all’’ Enrique said. ,,Well we all staying in the travel-inn and leave tomorrow back home’’ Kim said. Enrique smiles and hugs them all goodbye. Enrique walks with Tony to the car, and they drive back to the hotel. Its almost midnight when Enrique opens the door, its totally dark inside, he close the door gentle. Enrique assume Anna is sleeping, he call with someone through the phone but he whispers. ,Yeah, can you arrange that? Yeah the travel-inn hotel, around 8:30. Just wake them up and tell them that the drifter have a surprise for them. Oh, yeah I will write a note, see you in a minute then’’ Enrique hangs up, he grabs some paper and a pen. He walks up the window, walks outside and looks over the street. Love the weather, so soft he thinks. He starts to write a note, in a minute he is done with it and Enrique looks at the city. ,,Sometimes it really feels like roamer’’ he said, close the window and walks downstairs. He gives the note at the counter. ,,Thanks!’’ he smiles, leave some money behind and walks back up. He looks at Anna when he is in the room and smiles about her sweet face. Enrique sits on the bet, Anna slowly wakes up. ,,I’m back!’’ Enrique whispers and kisses her. Anna pulls him close to her. The moon slowly gets down, the time just pass away and the morning sun just touch the country. Anna lies on Enrique’s chest, the clock radio turns on and Enrique turns it off. ,,Its time, baby’’ Enrique said to Anna, who still lies on his chest. ,,Can’t I just stay here forever?’’ she said, Enrique caress through her hair. ,,Its nice, safe’’ Enrique kiss her forehead. They stay next to each other for some minutes and then they get up to get dressed. ,,Come on! One big happy family breakfast’’ Enrique said when they walk downstairs. ,,As long as you’re not planning to throw it’’ Anna said and smiles. When they are having breakfast some blocks away in the travel-inn, 5 girls are sleeping. ,,Room service!” a man said and knocks on the door. ,,Coming!’’ Vivian said, she gets up and opens the door in her pyjamas. ,,Good morning’’ the bell-boy said. ,,Morning’’ Vivian yawns. ,,I got a special not for you’’ he said and gives it to her. ,,Thanks, wait I will get you something.’’ She grabs the note. ,,That’s alright’’ the bell-boy said and walks away. Vivian close the door and walks inside. ,,Who was that?’’ Maria ask her. Vivian has read the letter and hugs her. ,,Ah! Wake up everyone!’’ she screams. ,,What’s wrong?’’ Kim ask. Vivian gives her the letter and Kim read a loud the letter; ,,Dear Kim, Maria, Marita, Roos and Vivian. I guess you are all surprised to get this letter from me after last night. It had me realised being gone for a long time that there are still people supporting me. But its time for a new area, so I’m inviting you all to come with me to Malaga today. The only thing you have to do are, bring your passport or id, be ready on 8:30. bring your baggage and bring the kindness you all 5 have. You are all one by one amazing women! See you soon! Your friend, Enrique.’’ ,,Oh my God! I think we are getting spoilt’’ Marita said. ,,Who cares, we are going to Spain’’ Roos jumps up and races into the bathroom. All the girls are getting ready to go. Enrique holds Anna. ,,Have a safe trip back him. I will be there on Sunday, I promise’’ he smiles at her. ,,Good luck with the concert’’ Anna said and kisses him. She walks to the car and drives away. ,,Enrique, come on!’’ one of his band members said. He get into a tour buss, big enough for 15 people. He sits next to the drives. ,,Can we stop by the Travel-inn?’’ The driver nods. In the Travel-inn the girls are all ready. ,,Its almost 8:30’’ Maria said. ,,Enrique a person who comes late often’’ Kim smiles. Right on that moment someone knocks on the door. Marita opens the door and looks into Enrique’s eyes. ,,Are you all ready to go?’’ he smiles. They walks downstairs and get into the car. they drive towards the airport, Enrique got paid for the tickets and they get on board. Roos sits down next to Kim. ,,Its my first flight ever’’ she said. ,,Don’t worry, I’m afraid for heights’’ Enrique said to her. He sits down on the front. Maria sits in front of Roos and Kim and Vivian and Marita sitting next to them the airplane lift up and they are flying in the air. Enrique grabs the microphone. ,,Good morning all! Thank you all for flying with us, this trip will just take a hour or two in the meanwhile enjoy a movie, music or some food. Thanks you’’ he said and gives the microphone back to the stewardess. ,,I always wanted to do that’’ he said to her. ,,And wearing this cap and a skirt?’’ she said. ,,No, no. If I want to have a job in an airplane, then I would be a pilot.’’ The 5 girls are having fun and are also eating. Enrique walks to them. ,,Is everything to your liking?”’ he ask and sits down next to Maria. ,,Couldn’t been better’’ Maria said. ,,We were just discussing what we are going to do, when we are in Malaga. We assumed you do need to sound checking first, so to not getting in your way we were planning to go in the city’’ Kim said. ,,Good plan only be back around dinner we have a lovely catering for everyone.’’ ,,Enrique you are really a sweet guy’’ Marita smiles at him. Enrique blushes a little. ,,Which movie do you want to see?” ,,The best movie of course, Once upon a time in Mexico’’ Vivian said. ,,We don’t have that one I think but you can pick one on the screen right in front of you.’’ ,,I’m going to listen to some music’’ Roos said and grabs the headphone. ,,Mine?’’ ,,I do have some Cd’s with me but I think I’m going to listen at some old stuff.’’ ,,Old-stuff? You like that kind of music?’’ ,,Well, I’m really into David Bowie but Michael Jackson has amazing drum-lines’’ Roos said. ,,I didn’t knew that young ones still listen to those artist theses days.’’ ,,I just love the style of music, so new and fresh. They could try everything cause not much music had been written and these days almost every song is a cover’’ she said, looks at Kim and then at Enrique. ,,Besides yours! Every song you wrote, produce is totally different then any other written music. That’s what makes you a star’’ Kim said. Enrique smiles and he stands up. ,,I’m going back to my sit, but thanks’’ he said and walks back to his seat. He looks out the window. He sees that the ocean is turning into land and they are flying above France. Enrique close his eyes, thinks about Anna and his time in London with her. He doesn’t know when he slowly falls asleep, he still need to have some sleep after his hard working on the album. In his dream he sees himself standing on stage, performing to a lot of people. They are all screaming his name and sing along with the songs. Its always weird you dream about an important thing before or after you done it. It looks like your mind is just processing everything maybe it comfort you or let you understand it better. Everyone has such kind of dreams. ,,Enrique, wake up’’ Fernando shakes his shoulder. ,,We are going to land.’’ Enrique wakes up and sit right in his chair. The airplane lands just perfect, they get all out and getting into the car. ,,Its nice to perform at night on the beach’’ Enrique said. ,,Do you think a lot of people will showing up?’’ Kim ask. ,,I don’t know’’ he said, looks outside and sees the beach in sight. On the beach a lot of young, old families lies on it enjoying the sun. He can see that the stage is already set up. ,,We can start right away’’ a band member said. The car stops in front of the stage, they all walk out and get guide to the lounge of Mtv. They all get an special card and a dressing room. They walk up to the stage, the 5 girls stand in front of the stage what isn’t the same he is going to perform at night. Enrique talks some with his crew before they start. An assistant write down some songs his going to perform for the whole hour. She walks away to the back. His back is getting ready for the sound check when Enrique is still talking everything through. ,,I think this will take a while’’ Kim said to the others. ,,maybe we should go into the city then they have some time alone to discuss everything’’ Marita said. ,,Good idea’’ Vivian smiles. They walk to the stage, wait till Enrique is done talking and they tell him they leaving to go shopping but be back around dinner. So they walk out the lounge into the city Malaga. ,,Its really hot here’’ Roos said. ,,Maybe we should get a drink before we are going to some shopping’’ Maria said and she looks on her watch. ,,We have the whole afternoon heading to us.’’ They all sitting down outside on a terrace in front of a café, they ordered some cold drinks and talking about tonight. ,,I can’t believe we are here, to see it live! At home I even count the days, till this one’’ Roos said. ,,Yeah, I also did that. We were talking about it two weeks ago about which songs he should sing and which outside he should wear’’ Kim said. ,,I know what you mean, after 2 years, we finally hear and see the new music of Enrique Iglesias. Do you think he’s going to wear a cap or a beanie?’’ Vivian said. ,,I hope neither of them’’ Roos smiles and drinks. ,,I think he’s going to wear a cap, a beanie is just to hot n this weather’’ Marita said. ,,Yeah, I think he’s going to wear that green soft one from Extreme Makeover Home edition’’ Maria said. ,And that outfit he had on, on New wave. That white shirt with blue jeans’’ Kim said. ,,He looked so hot in that’’ Vivian said. The girls smiles with each other. ,,Should we buy Enrique something? Just to let him know how grateful we are for being here?’’ Kim ask. ,,Great idea, a thank you car with a nice bracelet and a new cap?’’ Roos said and smiles. Vivian points at her. ,,Those gift are really nice, we should look for it right now! And also shop for our self’’ she said. They pay for their drinks and walks into the city. In the small streets from Malaga they find a nice shop with a lot of funny things. They go inside and looking around. ,,Look at this’’ Maria said and holds an card up. On the card you see some beautiful birds and trees, the line is: Mucho Gracias! ,,Wow we take that one along!’’ Marita said. In the story they just buy some nice things for the people back home, some gifts. The continue looking for a new store and see a nice summer-store. ,,Looks caps and beanies everywhere’’ Kim points. Roos runs into the store, grabs some nice caps and looks at the others. ,,We only need one you know’’ Marita said. ,,I know, but I also want some for myself. And I also want the one we are going to buy for Enrique’’ Roos smiles. Kim shakes her head. ,,She collects them’’ she said. Maria grabs one from a wall and shows it to the girls. It’s a green-blue soft cap, on the front with white Chinese marks in a yellow circle. ,,Wow, you really have an eye for these things don’t you?’’ Vivian said to Maria when she looks at the cap. ,,I love the colour and things on the side. Is there an other one?’’ Roos said, looks over to the wall and sees the same one. ,,Maybe they are identical ones’’ Kim said and looks at Roos. they also pay for the cap, put it in a bag and walks outside. The are looking, and looking for a nice bracelet from Enrique. But its hard to find some cool one. ,,Maria, maybe in here!’’ Marita said. They walk into a little shop on the corner. They all stops in front of a leather black bracelet 6 centimetres long. ,,How do we know its going to fit his arm?’’ Vivian ask. ,,Well try it on mine, I do have big wrist and we can maybe take one size bigger’’ Roos said and gives them her arm. They put the bracelet on and take two sizes bigger. ,,Wow, we did do all the shopping’’ Kim said when they stand outside. Maria looks on her watch. ,,If we are heading back, we are in time for the dinner’’ she said. So the 5 girls walk over the street. ,,You know, in Holland we all eat around 6 at night. Its also a weird tradition’’ Roos said, when they are walking. ,,Are you all walking on clogs?’’ Maria ask her. ,,No we don’t. That is the picture of Holland, clogs, wind mills and farmers everywhere’’ Roos smiles. Maria smiles too. ,,Maybe I should go there some time, also to Germany too. We have all seen London’’ Maria said. ,,Yeah maybe we should have the next fan-meeting, in Holland and then with us in Germany’’ Marita said. The are continue talking about stuff and also about the big night, tonight! It seems it had nobody slipped their mind about Enrique and his new songs. They get into the lounge, sees Enrique and his crew already eating. He looks up at them, when they join the big table. During the dinner, they all having fun and Enrique almost start a food fight. But he got stopped on time. When they are done, the 5 girls walks away from Enrique and they write on the card. They sneak into his dressing room and put the gifts on the table and wait for him to get in. Enrique smiles when he puts his plate away. ,,An hour! I’m going to get changed and then the show can start!’’ he said and walks into his dressing room. He sees the girls. ,,What can I do for you?’’ ,,For you’’ Kim gives him the gifts. Enrique smiles, when he reads the card and sees the bracelet and cap. ,,Wow, you shouldn’t have. You know, I’m going to wear these tonight! I love it, thank you all so much’’ Enrique said, kiss them and hugs them too. The girls smiles, because he glows full of happiness. ,,And now you all should leave, I need to get changed. You can stand in the front row, with those passes. Enjoy the show’’ Enrique smiles and close the door when the girls are outside. He sighs and get dressed, but on his blue jeans, white shirt and his cap he got from the girls and the bracelet. He also put some chains on his neck. During his chance he warm up his voice. ,,God, please just let everything go right’’ he whispers and walks outside. Join his band with the pep talk. He jumps up and down, when he leans on some other band members. ,,Wow!’’ he screams. The band runs on stage, the lights turns off and the crowd screams! Enrique stands in the back ready to get on, he jumps up and down. Checking if his sound is all right, he gets from a Mtv assistant a microphone. He smiles at her and turns the microphone on. Its time!
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